Can One Accept Both Catholicism and Neo-Darwinian Evolution?

Some General Overviews on Science and Catholic Faith:

Discussions Specific to Evolution and Creation:
William Carroll unpacks Thomistic thought relevant to creation in Creation, Evolution, and Thomas Aquinas.  Mark Brumley gives an overview of statements by John Paul II and Benedict XVI in The Mystery of Human Origins: Which Theories are Compatible with Catholic Faith?   See also Genesis Isn't a Science Book: Vatican to Study Evolution in National Catholic Reporter editor John Allen's blog from September 19, 2008.  Another article (The War Over Creation) appeared October 26, 2008 on the web site of The Southern Cross, a South African weekly Catholic publication. Vatican Buries the Hatchet with Charles Darwin by Richard Owen of The Times (London) was published February 11, 2009.

The Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation completely rejects evolution and promotes young-earth special creationism, but most Catholics aren't hyperliteralists in Bible interpretation and thus can accept geological and astronomical evidence for an ancient earth.  A few Catholics reject common ancestry of species (especially of humans) and are old-earth special creationists (e.g. Frank M. Rega, S.F.O., and also George Sim Johnston, who acknowledges that common ancestry is compatible with Catholicism but  rejects the scientific evidence for it).  Closer to official Roman Catholic thinking are authors of  items in the following list.  Most of the debate centers on definitions and philosophical assumptions associated with different versions of theistic evolution, neo-Darwinian evolution, and intelligent design.   This list starts with English and Spanish translations of John Paul II's famous message (delivered in French) to the Plenary of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on October 22, 1996, then jumps to the opinion editorial of May 2005 by Lawrence M. Krauss that helped prompt Cardinal Christoph Schönborn's July 2005 response, which in turn stimulated much recent dialogue. 

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